How to Change Netgear Router DNS Settings?

Netgear router DNS

If you own a Netgear router and looking to change its DNS settings, then this piece of writing is what you need to check.

Changing Netgear router DNS settings is not tricky, but the process may differ depending on the model you are using. However, there are some common steps to be followed for getting success with the overall process. In this how-to guide, we will raise the curtain from the steps explaining the whole process of setting a static DNS server on a Netgear router.

What is DNS?

Before you get started with the process of tweaking the Netgear router DNS settings, let’s first make you acquainted with the term DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It helps in converting domain names to IP addresses. The need of changing the DNS settings occurs because most ISPs allocate automated DNS server settings to your WiFi router. However, these can sometimes lead to issues like Netgear nighthawk keeps disconnecting or conflict of IP.

Hence, if you want to change the DNS settings of your router and want to set a specific address, then the below section will guide you about the entire process. Let’s get started.

Steps to Change Netgear Router DNS Settings

You can set a static DNS server on your WiFi router by making some alterations to the settings of your router. Here’s how:

  • Check if your router is connected to the modem in a perfect manner. Also, if you have used cables to form the connection between your devices, then ensure that there is no breakage.
  • Set your router to the power-on mode by inserting its adapter into a wall socket.
    This will turn the lights on your router green.
  • When done, launch a web browser on your computer and access the default web address. If the default web address is not directing you to the login page of your router, use the default IP address instead.

Pro Tip: Users avoid updating the software version of their browsers most time. If you have also not updated your web browser for a long time, then it’s recommended to do it now. This is suggested because the default web address of the Netgear router does not support working on an outdated web browser.

  • Press the Enter key after entering the details in their respective fields.
  • The login page of your WiFi router will come into existence.
  • Enter the username and password you have assigned to your device to proceed further.

Note: If you have not made any changes to the credentials of your router, consider using default details to get success with the login process.

  • Click Log in and the basic home screen of your router will appear on your system’s screen.
  • Reaching here, navigate to Settings and Select Internet.
  • You will get welcomed by the Internet Setup page.
  • Select the radio button opposite to the option saying ‘Use these DNS Servers’.
  • You can find the option under the DNS address section. The name of the section can be Domain Name Server depending on the router model you are making use of.
  • Now, you need to enter the primary and secondary DNS addresses in the fields provided.
  • Many users get confused in differentiating the primary and secondary address. Or, even are unaware of the details. If you are also in the same queue, then you must approach your Internet Service Provider for quick help.
  • Once done with filling in the necessary details, click Apply.

The changes made by you to Netgear router DNS settings will come into effect in a while.

This is all about how you can set static DNS on your WiFi router. Due to some reason, if you want to switch to Dynamic Domain Name System, you need to execute the process manually by logging in to your router again and selecting the Dynamic DNS option under Advanced settings.

Final Words

Most users can change the Netgear router DNS settings after going through the steps given above. Just in case you are getting out of luck, it is advised that you get in touch with our technical experts for quick assistance.

Our support executives are on their toes to help you fix various issues related to your WiFi devices. You contact us now if things are not going in your favor.

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