Why My AT&T WiFi Extender Not Pairing with Netgear Router?

att wifi extender not pairing

If the current WiFi coverage by the Netgear router is not sufficient to meet your internet needs, then you can consider installing a WiFi range extender. It so happens that a single router at times can’t provide internet signals in certain areas of the home. This generally occurs in large spaces. In such a scenario, you can take the help of a wireless extender.

Users also get troubled connecting the wireless extenders with the root routers. We had a user who complained about the AT&T WiFi extender not pairing with the Netgear router. There are plenty of others who are having similar concerns. To help such users, we’ve put down the troubleshooting process in the form of this blog. Read ahead and get rid of the connection trouble.

AT&T WiFi Extender Not Pairing with Netgear Router: Let’s Fix

Before you try to skip the read, let us tell you that the same solutions can be used even if you own extender or router of other brands.

Let’s help you pair your Netgear router with an AT&T WiFi extender by removing the obstruction. But prior to that, you should know that one of the most common reasons for such issues is an unstable power connection. Thus, you should first ensure stable power to both devices that you’re trying to pair up.

Are you trying to pair them up using the WPS approach? Try the fixes given below:

1. Press the Right Buttons

The WPS approach is considered to be the easiest one. Thus most users prefer using this method. But while you’re setting up the AT&T extender, make certain that the right button is pressed by you. Look carefully for the WPS buttons on your Netgear router and the AT&T extender and then follow the right steps to pair the devices.

2. Don’t Delay In Pressing the Button on Second Device

While pairing the devices using the WPS approach, the process is that you push the WPS button on one device and then on the second device. Know that the sequence of pressing the button can be any but the time gap plays a vital role. The time gap between pressing the WPS buttons on both devices should not exceed 2 minutes.

3. Use the App to Set Up Extender

Is the AT&T WiFi extender not pairing with the Netgear router using the WPS method? Use the AT&T app to complete the connection. In case the app method also fails to configure the WiFi extender, then continue reading ahead.

4. Place the Devices Closer

Whether it is the WPS method or the app method, you are required to place the devices closer such that it is easy for them to communicate with each other. Now, unplug the WiFi extender and bring it next to the Netgear router. Once the devices are paired up, you can move the extender to the area where you want to have the extended signals.

5. Try Ethernet Connection

You can also connect the AT&T extender and the Netgear router with the help of an Ethernet cable. Wired connections are prone to signal disconnections. To prevent the signal from getting disconnected, prefer making a wired connection by using an Ethernet cable. Therefore, use a cable and link the Internet port on the extender to the LAN port on the Netgear router now. Make it sure that you’re using a good cable to form a firm connection by inserting the cable into the correct ports.

6. Update Netgear Router

You might have not updated your Netgear router for a long time. Incompatible and outdated firmware versions can also stop the devices from pairing up. We suggest you to update the Netgear router now with the most recent firmware version. Visit routerlogin.net on a browser to log in to the Netgear router now and check for updates. Install the updated firmware version and then try to pair it up with the AT&T WiFi extender.

The Closing Note

AT&T WiFi extender not pairing up with the Netgear router is a common situation that any user can come across. However, if you apply the fixes highlighted in this post, getting rid of the connection issue becomes an easy job. It is expected that you’ve your AT&T WiFi extender configured with the Netgear WiFi router.

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