How to Use Your Own Router with Google Fiber?

Use Your Own Router with Google Fiber

Although you should use the router that came along with the Google Fiber, if you want to connect GFiber with your own Nighthawk router, then read this blog till the end.Here you’ll find the clear and easy to understand instructions on how to use your own router with Google Fiber.We have provided information on connecting Netgear Nighthawk router with Google Fiber router.

To connect your own Nighthawk router with Google Fiber, you will need to use your Google router in Bridge mode. This mode disables routing capabilities of the router and rendering it to run only as a modem. How to set up the bridge mode is also discussed in this very guide. Thus read on.

How to Connect Nighthawk Router with Google Fiber?

1st Step: Connect Nighthawk Router to Google Fiber Router

Bring both routers to the same room first so that you can get them connected. Now, remove any device that’s connected to the Google router via Ethernet. Using the Ethernet cable join the Nighthawk router to the 10 Gig Ethernet port on the Google router now. Make a finger-tight connection to avoid any issues later. Now log in to your Google Fiber account and do this:

  • In the Settings, select Network.
  • Go to the Advanced option and select Admin.
  • Toggle the button next to Enable Bridge mode to turn it on.
  • Finally, click Apply and save the changes.

This enables Bridge mode on your Google Fiber router. It is ready to be connected to the Nighthawk router.

2nd Step: Change Settings on Google Fiber Router

Now that you’re switching the router from the Google router to the Nighthawk router, you should specify the same in the configurations as well.

  • Log in to the GFiber account first.
  • Select the checkbox next to “I’ll provide my own router”.
  • If prompted to enter the router’s make and model, you can mention the Nighthawk router and its model number. However, this is completely optional.
  • Select OK and save the settings.

3rd Step: Plug in Nighthawk Router

Insert the power adapter of the Nighthawk router into it and plug in the second end into a wall outlet. Toggle the Power button on the router and supply electricity to it. The router should receive consistent power.

4th Step: Access Router Setup Page

It is time you reach the Netgear router setup page on a browser. Thus, firstly, have your PC join the router’s network. Choose the router’s default SSID and join the network using the WiFi password. Find the default information on a label on the router. Now, visit on a browser. Using the default admin username and password, log in to the router. The same information can also found on the router label or the user guide.

Access Router Setup Page

Following the login, you will land on the router setup page.

5th Step: Implement Setup Steps

Click Netgear Router Setup on the page and accept the terms and Conditions. To move further, click Next. Upon asking for the gateway information, insert the Google Fiber router’s username and password. Update and assign SSID and WiFi password to Nighthawk router now. Also, update the admin username and password. It is recommended to update the information to secure your home network. Keep on implementing the instructions that you see prompting on the screen.

This is all about how to use your own router with Google Fiber. Know that the Netgear Nighthawk app on your Smartphone can also be put to use to carry out the router setup.

The Bottom Lines

It is suggested to use the router that came with the Google Fiber for better performance. However, everyone’s internet requirements are different. If you want to use a Netgear Nighthawk router with Google Fiber then use the instructions described in this post. You will learn how to use your own router with Google Fiber and make the connection without getting stuck in between. Now, your Nighthawk router is all set to supply you with a seamless internet connection. You can connect your devices to its network and have fun.

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