How to Change Netgear Router Password if Forgotten?

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Are you looking for information on what to do if you’ve forgotten the password of your Netgear router? This post consists of the exact information that you seek. Let us tell you that Netgear router has two different passwords. One is the WiFi password and the second one is the admin login password. We will discuss about both in this post. Keep reading the post till the end to know how to change Netgear router password if you have forgotten it.

Let’s Talk About Netgear Router Passwords

As discussed above, a Netgear WiFi router has two different passwords.

Netgear Router WiFi Password- The WiFi password is the one that you use to join the WiFi network of your Netgear router. When you’re trying to connect to your router’s WiFi, you select the SSID or the network name and type a password to authenticate the connection. This password is the WiFi password.

Netgear Router Admin Password- You can log in to your WiFi router and go to its settings. The password that authenticates you log in is the admin password of the Netgear router. When it is the firsttime login, the password takes you to the Netgear router setup page. However, if you’ve already set up your router, then you’ll reach the dashboard.

How to Change Netgear Router Password?

Now that you’ve forgotten the Netgear router password and want to recover it, keep reading further. Let us tell you that if it is the WiFi password, then you’ll need to log in to your router to change it.

  • Log in to your router on your PC or use the Nighthawk app.
  • On the dashboard, select Wireless.
  • Type new password in the Password field.
  • Click Apply to save the settings.

You’ve changed the WiFi password of your Netgear router. Use the updated password to connect to its network now.

How to Change Netgear Router WiFi Password?

However, if you’ve forgotten the admin password of your Netgear router then you can recover it if you’ve enabled Password Recovery Feature. Use the steps given ahead.

How to Recover Netgear Router Password?

  • Verify the connection between the Netgear router and the modem.
  • Plug in and power up the modem and the router now.
  • Connect your PC to the router’s network.
  • Launch an internet browser and type in the address field.
  • Hitting the Enter key will take you to the login page.
  • Click on the Cancel button.
  • This will display the Router Password Recovery window.
  • Check your router’s serial number on the label on it.
  • Type the serial number in the empty field on the window.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Provide answers to the security questions that you see on the screen. These are the same questions that you answered while setting up the password recovery feature.
  • Click Continue and the admin password for your Netgear router will display.

Haven’t Enabled Password Recovery Feature?

In case you haven’t enabled the Password Recovery feature, then you need to reset your router to the default values if you forget the admin password.

Even if you have forgotten the WiFi password and can’t change it as you can’t log in to your router, reset the router.

How to Reset Netgear Router?

  • Disconnect your Netgear router from the modem first if you’ve connected them using a LAN cable.
  • Now, check the power supply to the router. It should be fully powered up.
  • Find the Reset button that’s usually located inside a hole.
  • Get a sharp and pointed object like straightened paper clip.
  • Push and hold the reset button using it for about 10 seconds.
  • Release the button.
  • The router will reboot itself.

This resets your Netgear router to the default values. You can use the default password to log in to its dashboard. Complete it setup using the instructions appearing on the screen. You are suggested to change the admin password and assign a WiFi password to your router now.

Concluding Note

Now you know how to change Netgear router password if forgotten. You’ve learned how to retrieve admin password if the Password Recovery feature is enabled. You also know what to do if Password Recovery feature is not enabled.

Now that you have recovered the password or changed the password, we recommend you noting it down somewhere. You can always refer to it if you forget the admin or WiFi password again.

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