Why My Netgear Nighthawk Flashing White Light?

Why My Netgear Nighthawk Flashing White Light?

Many Netgear Nighthawk router users are approaching our technical experts these days to know why their Netgear Nighthawk flashing white light. Although Netgear Nighthawk devices are greatest option among users worldwide, still these devices are prone to various technical glitches. If you are also bothered by the Nighthawk flashing white issue and can’t make the most of your router, then check the tested and tried tips right from the table of our experts.

There could be various reasons why you are seeing white light on your Netgear Nighthawk router. Before letting you know about the fixes, let’s first unveil the cause.

Reason Why Your Netgear Nighthawk Flashing White Light

You may find various LED lights on your Netgear Nighthawk router and each light conveys some meaning. For instance, if your Nighthawk is glowing amber, you need to know that the device is getting started. Just in case you find the amber light blinking, it depicts that either the firmware of your router is upgrading or you have pressed the Reset button.

Well, getting amber light brings no worries. But, if your Nighthawk is flashing white light, then you need to think of getting the issue fixed as soon as possible.

You may see your Nighthawk flashing white if the firmware of your device got corrupted. In such a case, although resetting the device to the default settings is the only way to fix things, however, at times some simple hacks can also work. Check the next section and learn various tips on fixing Nighthawk flashing white light issue.

Solved: Netgear Nighthawk Flashing White Light

1. Verify Cable Connection

At times, a glitch in the connections made between your devices can also be the reason why your Netgear Nighthawk flashing white. So, check the connection and confirm that there is no glitch.

If the cable used by you is torn off from any point, we highly recommend that you change it with a new one and then connect your devices. If you currently don’t have access to an additional cable, consider connecting your Nighthawk router and modem wirelessly for a point of time.

Why we have listed here for a point of time is because Ethernet cable connection is more stable when compared to wireless connection. And, it has been found that users often face Netgear router keeps disconnecting issue when their devices are connected wirelessly.

2. Update Firmware Once Again

As stated earlier, you may be getting white light on your Netgear Nighthawk router due to a corrupted firmware version. So, why not to give another try to your device and update its firmware?

You can update the firmware of your Nighthawk by accessing the setup wizard of the device. Well, we strictly suggest that you keep the model number of your Nighthawk router in mind while updating it.

3. Power Cycle Your Router

If the above-listed hacks, in the blog, have not brought you any success, try rebooting your Nighthawk. This might help you fix the Netgear Nighthawk flashing white issue.

For beginners, power cycling a router is as simple as counting 123. You simply need to disconnect your router from all other devices and then unplug it from its wall socket.

Once you feel that your router has restored its force, plug its adapter back to the socket and turn on the power button. Now, have a nudge on the lights on your Nighthawk and check if the white light has gone or not.

Nothing worked so far? Getting the same Nighthawk flashing white light issue? Oh! Well, there is no option left now we can help you with. You now need to take your Netgear Nighthawk router back to its factory settings for resolving the issue at hand.

For non-techies, we suggest you do not initiate the reset process of your router on your own. A small wrong step can make you device non-performing for ever. Hence, get in touch with our technical support executives and ask them to help you out.

Let’s Wind Up!

Here ends our guide on fixing Netgear Nighthawk flashing white issue. We hope that we helped in turning your device’s light from white to amber. Let us know which trick in the post was of help when it comes to fixing the white light issue on your Netgear Nighthawk router.

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