Why Does My Netgear R7000 Dropping WiFi Daily?

Why Does My Netgear R7000 Dropping WiFi Daily?

Many Netgear users owning R7000 reaching out to our experts to get an answer to the most burning question that “Why does my Netgear R7000 dropping WiFi daily”. If you are also among those who are baffled by the problem, we’ve got your back. Below we have listed down some tested and proven tips right from the table of our experts to help you fix Netgear R7000 dropping WiFi issue. Here we go.

What to do When Your Netgear R7000 Dropping WiFi Daily?

While there are various reasons why you may experience Netgear R7000 dropping WiFi issue, fortunately, you can troubleshoot most of them on your own. Before you try any fixes, have a nudge on the quick checks listed below to get your R7000 WiFi back to track.

Check Points to Fix WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

  • Ensure if the switch of your WiFi is set to ON.
  • Check whether you have sufficient data available to access the internet on all your devices.
  • Make sure your router and modem are plugged in the way they should be.
  • Move your router to a place where no interference-causing device can hamper its performance.
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider to know whether there are any connectivity issues particularly in your area.
  • Change your R7000 router’s WiFi channel by accessing the www.routerlogin.net login page especially if your WiFi network seems to overlap with nearby networks.
  • Temporary disable security software as such applications can also sometimes conflict with the working of your R7000 WiFi router.

These checkpoints will help you fix your WiFi issues, probably. If not, head towards the section below and troubleshoot the problem in a snap.

Troubleshoot: Netgear R7000 Dropping WiFi

Although all Netgear Nighthawk routers are destined to offer lag-free WiFi coverage throughout a home, still some users are frustrated with the WiFi dropping issue, especially with R7000. Well, no need to worry anymore. Check the breakdown of various tips that can help you get rid of the issue without any hassle.

Reboot Your Router

To get the WiFi dropping issue fixed on your Netgear R7000, simply reboot your device. For this, disconnect your router from all other devices, turn off the power button of the wall outlet you have used to plug in your router, and unplug the device. Now, let your device sit without power for some time. Once you feel enough time has been given to the device for reviving its performance, plug in it back to the power socket and turn on the power button. Now, by connecting your devices to the network of the Netgear R7000, try checking if you are still on the same page or the WiFi dropping issue has been fixed for you.

Give Your Device Some Space

Your R7000 router’s connection will drop in and out if a hoard of devices are connected to its network at the same time. For getting the issue fixed, disable the connectivity of devices from your network that are not currently being used by you or any of your family members. This can be done by accessing the Netgear Nighthawk router login page and accessing the list of networks connected to the R7000 router’s network.

Go with LAN Connections

It has been found that users who have connected their R7000 to their existing modem or internet source wirelessly are struggling with the Netgear R7000 dropping WiFi issue. So, hook up your devices through a LAN connection and see if the solution works for you. However, keep in mind that the cable you use for connecting the devices must not have any cuts or breakage.

Update Firmware

The use of an outdated firmware version can also put a stop at the performance of your Netgear R7000. So, consider updating the firmware of your device to the most recent version. For this, all you need to do is access the www.routerlogin.net setup wizard, navigate to Settings > Administration, locate the Firmware Update option and click it. You will be notified if any new firmware version will be available for the router model you have. FYI, having the latest firmware version on your Nighthawk router can not only boost its performance but also bring various bug fixes and new features to your device.

Final Thoughts

It is expected that following the tips given in the blog, you will be able to do away with the Netgear R7000 dropping WiFi issue. Just in case you find yourself struggling with the same problem even after trying all the tips, feel free to contact our technical support executives for quick help.

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