Resolving Nighthawk RAX40 Internet Connection Issues


The count of users facing Nighthawk RAX40 internet connection issues has increased despite the fact that the device promises to deliver a wonderful networking experience. By any chance, if you are also stuck in the same mess, then you need the help of this write-up. Here, we have mentioned the most prominent reasons that are affecting your WiFi router’s potential to perform optimally. We’ve also discussed the tips to resolve internet issues with the router as a bonus. Keeping this in mind, read on.

Causes: Nighthawk RAX40 Internet Connection Issues

Here are the most common reasons why the user faces internet connection issues with the RAX40 wireless networking router brought in by Netgear:

  • The improper placement of the gadget
  • Excessive distance from the internet modem
  • The outdated firmware version of the router
  • Incorrect selection of the WiFi channel
  • Too much work is expected from the router

So, these were the reasons that have the complete potential of dragging you to face Nighthawk RAX40 internet connection issues. Now, it is time to get the problem troubleshot. But, before you gear up to put everything in place, we suggest you ensure that the network of your WiFi router is not being accessed by too many devices. It has been noticed that routers loaded with heavy network traffic deny working well and end up delivering zero output. If everything seems perfect, you can try your hands on the solutions highlighted below.

Solutions: Nighthawk RAX40 Internet Connection Issues

1) Reposition Your Router

When we talk about the WiFi router’s position, we expect that you’ve placed it on a higher shelf and in a well-ventilated area. But, it seems that you failed to fulfill these expectations. Well, you can correct that by changing the location of the Nighthawk RAX40 router. In addition to fulfilling the aforesaid prerequisites, you are required to ensure that your router does not share its location with mirrors, fish tanks, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc. The router is supposed to be located in the central area of your house. Doing so will help it to transmit signals in every corner.

2) Bring Router and Modem Closer

Your WiFi router and modem need to be placed close to each other. The reason being, they communicate via WiFi signals and excessive distance between them won’t allow effective communication thereby causing Nighthawk RAX40 internet connection issues. However, it must be kept in mind that placing devices closer never means that you can make the distance zero. It will be an open challenge for their WiFi signals to get involved in a clash. And, who knows, you might end up facing another trouble with your WiFi router. Thus, maintaining an optimal router-modem distance is necessary.

3) Upgrade the Firmware

The next that can be causing internet connection issues with your WiFi router might be an outdated firmware version. If you don’t know what firmware is and how it can impact the performance of your WiFi router then remember that it governs everything related to your router. Every function performed by your router is carried out with the help of the instructions embedded in the firmware. This firmware needs to be updated on time so that these instructions can be renewed as per latest technology and the router’s performance can be taken to the next level. So, you are advised to install the latest firmware version on the router by accessing the URL.

4) Reselect the WiFi Channel

It seems that you selected the wrong WiFi channel when you were trying to set up the RAX40 router. Otherwise, you were not facing Nighthawk RAX40 internet connection issues. The improper selection of WiFi channels is the major reason why users get stuck with router performance-related issues. Remember that the more the congested WiFi channel selected by you, the more will be the struggle your router’s signal to fill every nook and cranny with an internet connection. So, you are required to do the most obvious thing in this case i.e. to change the router’s WiFi channel. The instructions for the same can be found in the user manual.

5) Restart the Router

If you are expecting too much from the router, then trust us, you’re wrong here. Being a networking gadget, the RAX40 router has its limitations. No networking device is designed to work 24 hours a day. That is why it is suggested to give some rest to the device for a while. If your router overworks, then the emergence of internet connection issues is just the beginning. To avoid getting stuck in a bigger mess, it is suggested that you take a small initiative right now. This small initiative is nothing but the power cycling of the router. Simply, keep it switched off for a few moments and power it up back.


That’s all about how to fix Nighthawk RAX40 internet connection issues. We are expecting that you’ve acquired enough knowledge about them and are now ready to have a whole-new networking experience with your WiFi router.

Before wrapping up, we want to give you one last tip about using a hardwired connection for the router and modem as wired connections are more reliable than wireless ones. If you’re already using one, then ensure that the cable used is working well.

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