Netgear Router IP Not Working?

Netgear Router IP Not Working?

A lot of people who use Netgear routers start to freak out when they realize that their router IP address is not working. However, you should be aware that these problems may be the consequence of simple technological flaws that may be readily fixed. If you own a Netgear router and its IP address does not work for you, then the following are a few easy hacks that you may try to fix the Netgear router IP not working issue.

Let’s Figure Out Why Netgear Router IP Address Not Working

The problem you’re having could happen in different situations. Well, worry not! Here’s how to fix the Netgear router IP not working issue:

1. Restart your router

It’s possible that a malfunction in the hardware of your device is to blame if the IP address on your Netgear router doesn’t work. Well, a small one can be fixed by restarting.

So, all you have to do is unplug your Netgear router’s power adapter from its outlet for a while. After that, try connecting to your router’s IP address to see if you can connect to it. This hack can also do wonders for those who are troubled by the Netgear Nighthawk keeps disconnecting issue, FYI.

2. Keep your web browser up-to-date

The next thing that could be causing your IP address to stop working is if you are using an old web browser.

Therefore, go into the settings of your internet browser to check that it has the most recent software. Also, if you don’t want more problems, you should delete the browser’s cache and cookies.

3. Check cable connections

Keep an eye on how your router is connected to your modem to make sure that all of the cables connecting your devices are working well.

If any of the cables are loose or broken, you might want to get new ones right away. If you don’t have any more cables to connect your devices, you can use a wireless source to get things done.

4. Check for typos

If you can get to the default web address of your router but not the IP address, you likely made a typo when you typed the set of numbers into their respective fields.

So, we suggest you double-check the IP address you put in the URL field to make sure you didn’t make any typing mistakes.

5. Double-check your IP address

If the IP address is wrong, you could end up in a mess like the Netgear router IP not working. This is to let you know that the Netgear router can work with many different IP addresses.

So, look in the manual to find out what IP address is assigned to your router’s model. If the one you are using doesn’t match the one in the instructions, you now know where you went wrong. So, fix your mistake by entering the correct IP address. Then, you can easily get to the dashboard of your Netgear router.

6. Look for conflicts with IP

Users sometimes can’t get to the login page of their routers because the default IP of the router and the system IP don’t work well together.

So, check for this and make sure that your device’s IP address doesn’t conflict with the IP address of your Netgear router.

7. Expert Tip: Reset and reconfigure your router

If the problem with your Netgear router IP not working keeps happening and is bothering you, you can try putting your router back to its default settings and configuring it again.

Sometimes the problem you’re having can also be caused by a setup that wasn’t done right. So, in that case, you might be able to avoid all the trouble by doing a factory reset.

Didn’t Work?

If you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting steps above and still can’t get your Netgear router IP address to work, it’s time to ask for help from our experts. Our technicians are always available to fix problems with Netgear routers, so feel free to get in touch with them at any time. They will certainly fix the Netgear router IP not working issue for you!

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