Netgear Nighthawk EX8000 Setup

Experience the innovative tri-band WiFi mesh with FastLane3 technology with the all-new Nighthawk EX8000 extender. Get the most robust WiFi signal for all your devices with the One WiFi Name feature after you have successfully completed the Nighthawk EX8000 extender installation. Also, you enjoy up to 3 Gbps WiFi speed that enables 4K video streaming, downloading, and gaming.

The Nighthawk EX8000 extender has a quad-core processor offering 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands for every device you own. Moreover, the presence of Multi-User MIMO (MI-MIMO) streams data to multiple devices at the same time. Also, a Dedicated WiFi Link to the router ensures the extended WiFi bandwidth does not halve after some time

Netgear EX7320 Setup

The powerful Netgear EX7320 extender boosts your existing WiFi range and delivers a speed up to 2200 Mbps. It works with every standard WiFi router to offer you HD streaming and gaming. You can easily complete the Netgear EX7320 setup via the Push Button setup feature. MU-MIMO enables the connectivity of multiple devices to the current WiFi network without any drop in the WiFi range.

You enjoy uninterrupted 4K video streaming and gaming to your smart TVs & consoles by connecting them to your extender via Gigabit Ethernet port. Further, the Smart Roaming feature never lets your mobile devices suffer network loss. Also, the FastLane Technology efficiently uses both WiFi bands for a better WiFi range in your house

Nighthawk EX7700 Setup

Enjoy high-speed internet with the Nighthawk EX7700 WiFi extender using FastLane3 Technology. You get a WiFi speed of more than 2.2 Gbps after the successful installation of the Nighthawk EX7700. The presence of an advanced tri-band WiFi mesh extender ensures every corner of your house gets a strong WiFi range.

Apart from that, there are four high-performance internal antennas to further amplify the WiFi range. Also, Smart Roaming & MU-MIMO enables multiple devices to stay connected to your WiFi connection. Therefore, you enjoy uninterrupted 4K video streaming and gaming even while roaming through your house. You can perform a quick Nighthawk EX770 extender setup via Nighthawk App to access the blazing-fast internet connection.

Netgear EAX80 WiFi Extender Setup

The Netgear EAX80 has Dual-Band WiFi connectivity. Thus, you get 2.4 GHz that delivers 1.2 Gbps speed and 5 GHz with over 4.8 Gbps. You even get backward WiFi compatibility with a WiFi 6 mesh extender along with OFDMA that helps you connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Having 160 MHz channel support doubles the speed of the WiFi connection whether you access it from your mobile devices or laptops. Configuring the Netgear EAX80 setup unravels the 64 bit 1.8 GHz powerful processor before you for smoother 4K UHD gaming and streaming. It is 25% more efficient with the presence of 1024-QAM technology.