HP Printer Busy When Connected to Netgear RAX29 Router?

HP Printer Busy When Connected to Netgear RAX29

If your printer is showing a busy status, this could be due to several reasons. For instance, pending print jobs in the queue is one such reason. But what to do to fix the HP printer busy issue? This guide will run you through the troubleshooting steps to follow if your printer is not doing its printing job and is showing busy status. Here we have taken a Netgear RAX29 router as a reference and it is connected to the HP printer. Let us tell you that the troubleshooting solutions discussed here will apply to any router and printer make and model. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Why is the HP Printer Busy?

Here we have listed the most common reasons why your HP printer shows a busy status while you are trying to print something using it.

  • Print queue congestion has happened due to multiple print jobs assigned.
  • Communication issue between printer and WiFi router.
  • Power issues with a printer
  • The input tray can’t pick paper.

How to Fix HP Printer Busy Issue?

This section will help you eliminate the HP printer busy status thereby making your printer do its printing job. Apply the solutions discussed ahead.

1. Check Power to HP Printer

Begin the troubleshooting process by checking the power supply to the HP printer. See that its power cord is fixed correctly. Try plugging it into another wall socket and ensure that the printer is fully booted up and is receiving a consistent power supply.

2. Reboot the Printer

Plugging the printer into an alternative socket will also reboot your printer which is an essential troubleshooting step. In case you did not try this step then reboot the printer now. Power off the HP printer using its Power button. Remove the power cord from the socket. Wait for at least 2 minutes. Plug in the printer and power it up once again toggling the Power button. Try to print anything to see if the issue is resolved or not.

3. Clear Print Queue

Go to the Printer settings on your computer. Open the print queue on it. Delete or cancel the pending print jobs now. Once you’re done, reboot the printer and then try to print something to see if the issue has been resolved or not.

Clear Print Queue

4. Check Input Paper Tray

The tray into which you insert the papers should be properly placed. See that there are no papers stuck in the tray. Load the tray once again by removing and reloading the papers.

5. Check Netgear RAX29

Check that the Netgear RAX29 WiFi router is powered up completely. Router’s connection with the modem also needs to be verified. Make certain that the LAN cable used to make the connection is well intact.Try to connect another device to the router’s network. We recommend rebooting the router once by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a gap of 2 minutes.

6. Verify Router and Printer Connection

Log in to your Netgear RAX29 using routerlogin.net and see if the HP printer shows up in the list of connected devices. Check that the printer is placed within the network range of the router. If the printer is not listed in the list of connected devices then log in to your printer using its IP address or use the HP Smart app and use the router’sWiFi details to make the connection.

7. Make a LAN Connection

Check your HP printer. Do you see an Ethernet port on it? Yes? Get your hands on a LAN cable now. Use it to join the Netgear RAX29 router and HP printer. Your printer will definitely begin printing for you without showing printer busy status. But make certain that the cable is making a finger tight connection between the two devices.

The Closing Thoughts

So, this is all about how you can get rid of the HP printer busy issue. Your printer will be able to do its job now without causing you any trouble. Often reboot your printer and Netgear router. Also, check for firmware updates for your router to make it work smoothly all the time. With the hope of providing you with the right troubleshooting steps, here we put a full stop to our helpful piece of write up.

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