How to Find the Best Location for Netgear WiFi Setup?

Selecting the right location for a WiFi router can bring a lot of difference to its overall performance. People often ignore giving attention to choose an ideal location for their device while doing Netgear WiFi setup. And, unfortunately, this can lead them to various issues like slow or sluggish internet, WiFi dropping issue, and many more. If you don’t want to see yourself in such a situation, walk through the points below and know which area in your home can be the most suitable place for locating your Netgear WiFi device.

Check-points While Locating Netgear WiFi Setup

No matter whether you want to choose a location for your router or Netgear extender setup, the points we are going to shed light upon will work the same for all.

Let Your Netgear Device Brag

Keep in mind to place your Netgear device in an open area. It might be great if you can place it on a higher surface. People, to avoid hampering the show of the interior of their house, often place their WiFi device inside a cabinet or under a table. But, let’s clear that doing so can hamper the performance of your Netgear WiFi setup. Therefore, let your Netgear device also show off by having a seat in an open area.

Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Another thing you need to keep in mind while locating your Netgear router/extender is to keep it far from the reach of devices causing WiFi interference. For instance, microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, cellular phones, Bluetooth speakers, and WiFi-enabled gadgets can interrupt the signals of your Netgear Nighthawk setup. To prevent your device for such a nuisance, it is therefore recommended to keep all such devices far from the reach of your Netgear WiFi setup.

Place it in the Center

If you have located your Netgear device in a corner then also you may fall short of seamless internet connectivity. Ideally, you must give your Netgear WiFi setup some space in the central area of your home. Also, make sure the area you have selected for your Netgear device is in the range of the prime device from where it needs to receive WiFi signals.

Keep it Away from Reflexive Objects

Reflexive objects like mirrors and glasses can also interfere with the signals of your Netgear WiFi setup. At times, closeness of your Netgear device to such objects can completely shatter your internet signals. Thus, bear in mind to place your Netgear router/extender far from reflexive objects as well.

Check LED Status on Your Netgear

If you are not able to decide on where to place your Netgear device, check the LED status on it. If your Netgear device is glowing green, it means a fair connection has been established and you have selected the right location for it. Just in case the LED lights on your device are showing red, you need to consider changing the location of your device for letting it be in the range of your internet source.

Manage a Clear Line of Sight Between Devices

For establishing the best connection, keep in mind to place your Netgear device at a location from where your devices can have a clear line of sight between each other. If you find any thick walls or materials coming in the way of your WiFi devices, consider changing the location of your Netgear.

To Conclude

This is all about how to choose the best location for Netgear WiFi setup. Following the points listed above will not only avoid you to fall into the problem of various Netgear issues but also help you enjoy seamless internet connectivity in every nook and cranny of your home. Just in case you still get indulged in any of the Netgear-related issues, contact our experts to know about various Netgear router troubleshooting tips or ask them to help you fix the issue in a snap.

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