Admin Login IP is an IP address that can be used if you want to log in to your Netgear router. Apart from that, by accessing, you can tweak various settings of your device. For instance, you can change its network name, update its firmware, switch to a different WiFi channel, change the admin password, view wireless settings, etc.

Starting from top to bottom, you will find everything about admin login IP in this guide. Thus, without wasting any more time, get down to reading.

How to Do Router Login via IP Address?

With the help of the following instructions, you will learn how Netgear router login can be performed by accessing the admin login IP with ease:

  • Start by setting up the hardware of your wireless router.
  • For that, you need to plug your router into a power socket.
  • Also, establish a strong connection between your devices.
  • Next, gain access to your laptop.
  • You can also use a computer. It will serve the purpose.
  • Do you use Google Chrome usually? Yes? Open it then.
  • Move to the address bar of Chrome.
  • Enter in the URL field.
  • You will find yourself on the login portal.
  • Fill in the required login credentials.
  • Hit Log In.
Prerequisites for Netgear Setup

The Nighthawk router setup page will display indicating that you have successfully logged in to your device using the admin login IP. Not Working?

While performing router login, sometimes, users get stuck with the not working issue. If you are also a victim of the IP address not working issue, then it is advised that you keep reading this post.

Below, you will find some of our topmost tested and proven hacks that will surely help you to troubleshoot the issue at hand:

1. Check the Entered IP Address

Before you do anything else, check the IP address that has been entered by you. Is it matching No? Well, then it means that there are typing errors in your entree. Therefore, re-type the IP address.

What happened? Doing so wasn’t worth a shot? Perhaps, you have entered the IP address in the search bar of your existing browser. Rectify your mistake immediately by making use of the URL field.

Apart from that, cross-check the IP address that you have just entered before you hop onto to press the Enter key on your keyboard.

2. Use an Updated Web Browser

Did you not check the version of the browser before putting it to use to access the admin login IP? Well, probably not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be stuck with the IP address not working issue.

But, worry not. You still have the time to correct this. Go to the Settings menu of your browser and update it to its latest version. Once done, try to access Still, experiencing the same issue? Why don’t you follow the next fix in line?

3. Check the Ethernet Connection

Many users ignore the importance of using a damage-free Ethernet cable to connect their modems to their routers. Maybe you have done the same thing.

Check for the same. Is what we are saying true? Yes? It looks like you need to get a new cable. What happened? You aren’t willing to do that? No problem. It is recommended that you connect your devices using a non-wired source.

4. Verify Distance Between Devices

Have a look at the distance between your devices. Is it too much? Or is it too less?

If the distance is too much, then it is recommended that you bring your router and modem close to each other. In case, it is the opposite, then space up your devices. Excess of everything is bad.

Here, your devices will find it difficult to transmit signals properly under both scenarios. So, ensure that the distance between them is neither too much nor too less.

5. Keep WiFi Interference Away

Mirrors, cordless phones, fish tanks, washing machines, refrigerators, baby monitors, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, aluminum studs, televisions, etc are things that should not be kept near your router.

The reason being, they can block the signals of your router from transmitting thereby causing issues like IP address not working.

6. Reboot WiFi Router

Restarting the device has also helped a lot of users to troubleshoot the not working issue. You won’t know it until you try. Thus, follow these steps to give your wireless device a new start:

  • Pull the power cord connecting your router to the socket.
  • Once done, wait for some time.
  • Thereafter, connect your router back to the socket using the power cord.

Note: While plugging and unplugging, make sure that the power cord does not get damaged. Otherwise, you will encounter a much bigger issue than the one that is troubling you at present.

7. Update the Internet Browser

Check the version at which your browser is running right now. If you find that it is not the latest one, then it is recommended that you update it.

The following guidelines will walk you through the process:

  • Open your desired web browser.
  • Look at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click the three-dotted button.
  • A number of options will come into view.
  • From there, you need to select the Settings option.
  • You will see the Update Browser button. Click it.
  • Hold on for a couple of seconds.

Once you are done updating your existing web browser, clear its browsing history. Not just that, but also clear its cache as well as cookies.

8. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

To keep your system protected from potential threats, you might have installed antivirus software on it. However, what you didn’t know back then was that this software can also stop you from accessing some pages. In your current situation, you are being stopped from accessing

So, what to do to troubleshoot the issue? Well, it’s simple. Consider disabling this software on your system, not permanently, just on a temporary basis.

9. Repair the Damaged Wall Outlet

If your Netgear Nighthawk router is not getting an adequate power supply from its wall socket, it is kind of obvious why you are experiencing the IP address not working issue. Thus, do you know what is required here? That you get your existing wall outlet repaired.

Doing so didn’t bear any fruit for you? In that case, plug your router into a different outlet. Hopefully, this might help you fix the issue at hand.

Change Password via Admin Login IP

Are you keen on protecting your home network from every unauthorized user out there waiting to access it? Yes? Well then, there is no better option than to change the password of your Netgear router via

Fret not. This process is not that tough to execute. But, if you still feel that it is, then follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned here:

  • Plug your router into a power socket.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Establish a strong Ethernet connection.
  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Visit admin login IP.
  • Log in to your home router.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, you need to head to the Maintenance section.
  • Enter the new password right below the Password field.
  • Fill it in again to confirm it.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Your changes have gotten saved.

See? That’s how easy it was to change the password of your router by accessing the admin login IP.

How to Use for Router Firmware Update?

Another thing that you can do to keep your router’s network secured from hackers is to update its firmware. Wondering how? Well, by performing router firmware update via, the latest security features get added to your device thereby protecting it from unauthorized access.

Here are the steps that will take you through the process of firmware update:

  • Access the IP address.
  • Perform Netgear router login.
  • You are needed to put the default password and username to use for that.
  • Once logged in, go to Settings.
  • Hit the Administration option.
  • Click the Firmware Update button.

And with that, you have successfully completed the process of updating the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router via admin login IP.